Saturday, July 18, 2009

Clampers arrested for alleged blackmail

Everyone who has been clamped and is having their vehicle 'held ransom' until they hand over money should now consider reporting a crime of blackmail to the Police and ask them to involve the council's Trading Standards. This is what has happened in the West Midlands and shows a shift in policy to bring an end to what is classed as theft and extortion in Scotland.

As you will see from the dawn raids recorded by the BBC below, it is a concerted, co-ordinated high profile effort by the Police and Trading Standards in association with the BBC to expose what has now become a lawless, unregulated industry. This industry has been aided and abetted by the British Parking Association's failure to expose the unlawful behaviour of their member and the failure to regulate private land operators and the DVLA who pass over keeper details for profit to companies and individuals like those shown below.

Here is the BBC Clip of the dawn raids on National or Nationwide Parking Control, who it appears are members of the British Parking Association, and the BBC news report here

Three men and a woman have been arrested as part of an inquiry targeting car clampers in Birmingham.
They were taken into custody on suspicion of conspiracy to blackmail following early morning raids in Moseley, South Yardley and Tyseley.
It was part of a joint operation between West Midlands Police and Birmingham Trading Standards.
The offices of car clamping firm National Parking Control in Digbeth were also raided.

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Emily McCunn - Communications Manager said...

I’m pleased to say that this company are not a member of the BPA.

Unfortunately there are a number of companies with similar names in the sector and these are two of them. Admittedly it can get confusing!

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