Thursday, July 02, 2009

Newcastle City Council waste £10,000 of public money on a parking ticket case

Newcastle City Council again?
How many mistakes do they have to make before an investigation is lauched into their parking officials behaviour?
Remember Mr. Campoli? Read here ...
Remember the signing blunder? Read it here ...

There is a great deal more to come and a great deal yet to be exposed. Please keep the information coming ...
A stark warning to all other councils out there is the fact that more and more officials are realising that their actions may have been unlawful and as motorists get ready to bring individual and class actions then more and more will refuse to become patsies and fall guys for their council's systemic failings and deliberate misdemeanours.

It isn't just a parking ticket!

Judge questions disabled parking badge case
Newcastle Journal
1st July 2009

A JUDGE has branded the prosecution of a disabled former policeman for displaying an out-of-date parking badge a complete waste of taxpayers’ money.
David Athey was taken to court after not paying two parking fines imposed when he mistakenly displayed a disabled badge that had expired.
He appealed against the decision but it has taken four years for his case to come before a crown court judge and is estimated to have cost the taxpayer up to £10,000.
Today Mr Athey blasted Newcastle City Council, who he works for as a financial assistant, for taking him to court.
And Judge Esmond Faulks, sitting at Newcastle Crown Court, questioned the wisdom of pursuing the case against Mr Athey.
The judge said: “In no other country but the UK could this possibly happen.
“It is a huge amount of money. Is it worth further expenditure of thousands of pounds out of your pocket and my pocket?
“Why not just let him off to get on with his life?”
Mr Athey, 59, of Holywell, Whitley Bay, was fined £120 with £180 costs during a Newcastle Magistrates’ hearing in 2005.
But when the appeal against that conviction was before Judge Esmond Faulks yesterday he urged Newcastle City Council to re-consider its stance and allow Mr Athey’s appeal to go through unchallenged. More ...

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