Thursday, April 15, 2010

The face of Britain's parking enforcement ...

As the clock ticks for perhaps the biggest parking ticket case the country has ever seen in the High Court the following video clip sums up the true face of parking enforcement on Britain's streets. I hope that you are as shocked as me.

It is a stark reminder of what this lawless, out of control stealth tax has become. This is the frontline of a service delivered by OUR local authorities on behalf of us, by OUR civil servants and by OUR elected representatives on behalf of us. They have all abrogated responsibility. They have left it to individuals and campaign groups to risk everything and make great personal sacrifices to expose the real truth. How many others have suffered similar abuse? How many have been illegally ticketed? How many have been abused?

Is this the real face of parking enforcement? This company was known as National Car Parks Ltd. when the BBC exposed them in Sunderland ... view it here and here and here.

Will they ever change or is the pressure to issue tickets so great that this is what effectively our councils have been reduced to? This is not what I and tens of thousands of others are prepared to accept as a public service.
Please support because the only way we can make a difference is if the threat of financial ruin for those who stand up is removed.

Thanks to for exposing this.

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