Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Who was the Council Officer who lied to the press to cover up the failings of Sunderland City Council?

As the net closes on the criminality surrounding Sunderland City Council's parking enforcement regime, the elected members who have failed to act at every twist and turn of this drama are now desperately consulting their own lawyers to ascertain what is the true extent of their own personal liability.
Sources reveal that they are in a state of panic as any liability insurance does not cover them in the event of criminality or recklessness. Fat Cat council officers have been allowed to retire or leave post while serious investigations are pending. Lesser mortals have not been afforded the same luxury.
However, not one councillor will be able to claim the excuse 'we didn't know' as they have been copied in to every email and some have even been served at home with full bundles of documentary evidence.

Despite being fully informed of the illegal actions of their council officers over the past 10 years they have failed to act. Every one of the acts and omissions have been fully documented and held on the public record. The gathering storm of public opinion will not accept the cries of 'we didn't know, we didn't understand.'

You took the money you accepted the responsibility.

With handsome remuneration as an elected official from the public purse comes REAL responsibility. Responsibility that requires investigation and accountability no matter how unpalatable the task, no matter how unpalatable the consequence.

The elected officials of Sunderland City Council have failed the electorate despite overwhelming evidence of malpractice and misfeasance they have allowed officers to mislead and deceive ... and then rewarded the self same officers handsomely from the public purse whilst the accounts are outstanding and a fraud investigation is pending, and other matters are before the High Court.

Perhaps the officer maligned by the deliberate deception above and left will have an attack of conscience or will he be prepared to take the hit for the failings of others? He knows where many of the bodies are buried and he also knows that the Department for Transport knows too.

Who is being protected?

Will the good guys allow the rats to leave the ship with impunity?

Society is only as good as the people who live amongst it and those who are prepared to stand up and be counted. As the press and media interest gathers and the national implications grow the question is 'Who is prepared to take the blame ... the guilty or the naive?'

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