Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sunderland City Council ... 'A Nice Little Earner ...'

'A nice little earner?'


This is what passes for parking enforcement in the biggest city between Leeds and Edinburgh.

The people of Sunderland were disgusted at the negative portrayal of THEIR city in the BBC documentary which exposed fraud, bribery, corruption and incompetence.

As the High Court case approaches and the investigations by various agencies continue the penny may well start to drop that paranoid collective myopia is only a delusional, short-term, short-sighted solution.

Question to the elected members who bear FULL responsibility has to be ...'What price will YOU be prepared to pay?'

Check it out here as to what happens when elected members get it badly wrong. Remember that ALL the councillors in Sunderland cannot claim that they didn't know while collecting their allowances.

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