Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Come on Westminster ... take me on

After having another PCN cancelled by Westminster City Council, and Bolton and Camden ... we parked F1 NED in Little College Street, over the road from the House of Lords to attend a meeting of the London Motorists Action Group chaired by Lord Lucas. Also in attendance were Tom Conti, Anthony Culligan (whose pending Judicial Review on Camden's PCNs could lead to massive refunds for motorists), and Edmund King (now of the AA) as well as a representative of Which?

The vehicle was parked on an area of the highway between parking spaces which had the final faded remnants of a single yellow line. It was not clear, it was broken and it wasn't terminated. It was not accompanied by an upright plate (TSRGD 2002 Diag. 639) and although this is not necessary in a CPZ we did not appear to pass any CPZ entry signs.

After weeks and weeks of not being able to collect a ticket in Westminster this time we were lucky.
The PCN was issued at 18.01 on 28th January 2008 and the appeal was made online at 4.30am on 29th January.
I will wait with bated breath ... we want to get a badly marked, un-terminated single yellow line case to Judicial Review to destroy the mantra " if it 'looks' like a yellow line you should not park there" by etsablishing the point that there is a legal requirement to mark a yellow line correctly (clearly and with a T-bar) and to properly maintain the restriction instead of simply tax-farming and revenue harvesting to fill black holes in the council's coffers.


Anonymous said...

Hello Neil
Just saw your van/truck in St Mark's Rise, Dalston at the end of Ridley Road. Suppose you were visiting Janet Devers on the market.

Like your number plate

Anonymous said...

"Like your number plate"

Shame it's still illegally spaced really.

Come one, Mr 'Stickler for the Rules' - let's have a comment!!

Neil Herron said...

Nice to meet you at the Westminster function but disappointed at your anonymity when attempting to goad. I don't usually respond to anonymous critics but seeing as you are obviously a fan of what we do then I will make an exception.

My 'illegally' spaced number plate earned the DVLA a good few thousand pounds and they rake in millions a year from inciting motorists to buy such plates. Wonder what a judge would say when one of my £30 tickets goes to the High Court?

What relevance does D4 VID have?
Why would the DVLA select such a number for their auction. Would they expect someone to pay £20k 'cos they have 4 video shops? Or would they try and incite 'DAVID' to part with money and alter the spacing.

Can't have it both ways or is this something else you think acceptable ... like councils enforcing trivialities such as an inch over the end of the bay but complaining when a motorist points out missing words on a PCN catching them out.

Game's up ... can't wait for the day in court

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