Tuesday, January 29, 2008

DVLA passes drivers details ... to anyone. Now hold that thought.

Now just consider this for a moment.

The DVLA holds a full public record of vehicle keeper details. Anyone can set up a 'Private Parking Enforcement Company' get a couple of references and they are in business. Register with the British Parking Association and agreed to abide by their voluntary code of practice' and you are now accessing the names and addresses of persons at will ... under the spurious guise of 'parking enforcement.'

It costs £2.50 a time.

Now read this story ... Man admits plot to behead soldier

Now is it beyond the wit of anyone with such evil intent to collect registration numbers outside a military base and then submit details to the DVLA who will quite happily take the £2.50 a time and hand over the name and address of the registered keeper.

Are you happy that your personal data can be accessed in such a fashion?

If you are not this 'unfettered access' to sensitive data by bodies other than the Police or enforcement agencies MUST be stopped immediately.

Contact your MP here ... and then ignorance is no defence.

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Anonymous said...

Neil you may also like to read this which I feel may be a little bit of a taster for what you are driving at (pardon the pun)

Pensioner died in attack on his home after parking space row

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