Sunday, January 13, 2008

For the avoidance of doubt ... here is the letter from the Commission's Vice President

Gunther Verheugen has thrown the cat well and truly amongst the pigeons ...

Steve Thoburn was prosecuted for having 'destamped' scales.

The scales were 'de-stamped' because they could not weigh in metric and were seized on a subsequent visit.

According to Verheugen the scales were lawful.

If anyone had wanted to buy in metric Steve had metric scales on the premises.

Janet Devers case in Thames Magistrates this Friday becomes rather important.


If anyone was in any doubt as to why Hackney Trading Standards are being so vexatious and 'personal' when all other local authorities have stayed well clear one need look no further than the 'flyer' put round the market by a Senior Trading Standards Office a few months ago.

We will reveal the origins of the content in good time but someone it appears wants to 'stick two fingers up to the Metric Martyrs.'

Such contentious and 'personal' opinions should not be handed out in such a manner by paid public officials, especially without any header or provenance as to the source of the opinions.

However, the Freedom of Information Act is a very useful piece of legislation and the author will no doubt be regretting putting such personal opinions into the public domain, in due course.

... and I cannot remember claiming that I had saved the Crown on the Pint, but after half a dozen who knows?

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Anonymous said...

Neil, please keep up the fight. the majority are behind you.
Graham Sedgley

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