Thursday, February 17, 2005

The Pensioners’ rallying cry should be: No link, no vote

The Journal- Today's Voice of the North17/02/2005

Many people and groups protested against Tony Blair’s policies at the Labour conference in Gateshead.
The protesters, good people though they may be, were infinitesimal compared to the group that didn’t protest, I refer to the old age pensioners.
Nearly 11 Million strong, this section of the populace has within its capabilities the power to make or break any government in this country.
The vicious Tory government of Maggie Thatcher broke the link between pensions and the cost of living. If this link were restored today it would mean an increase for every pensioner of between £46 to £50 a week.
In spite of his promises Tony Blair has consistently refused to do this. The national and regional leaders of the Pensioners Association should demand a public statement from Mr that if Labour is returned to office it will do just that. If this promise is not forthcoming before polling day the association should call upon all pensioners to withhold their vote from the new Labour Party.
No Link! No Vote! Should be the rallying cry. If the pensioners’ leadership is not prepared to do this then they are just as bad as Tony Blair himself.
James Fitzpatrick

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Anonymous said...

Jimmy Fitzpatrick is an old communist from Gateshead. He stood at the last general election for Scargill's Socialist Labour Party in Tyne Bridge.
He lost.
Good letter though.

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