Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The camera never lies ... Well, Lambeth Council's does

Jonathan Greatorex has just been awarded costs and had his ticket overturned.
However, thousands of other motorists have been fined unlawfully at this location. If you are one of them simply email us at enquiries@parkingappeals.co.uk and mark it 'Salter's Hill' we will keep you fully informed of developments regarding restitution and refunds.

UK Motorist Proves to Judge that the Traffic Camera Lied

UK officials caught manipulating photographic evidence to issue traffic tickets worth millions.The spread of photo enforcement depends upon the truism that the camera never lies. A photograph presents a record of exactly what happened, free of the human problems of bias or misrecollection. This month, however, a UK motorist was exonerated after he proved conclusively that a traffic camera photograph issued in the London Borough of Lambeth did lie. Read the rest of the story here

A full copy of the ruling is available in a 390k PDF file at the source link below.Source: Adjudicator Response (Parking and Traffic Appeals Service, 4/1/2008)

If you had TicketM8 then you could prove your location with pinpoint accuracy at the time the photo was taken proving that you were not swerving to avoid another car.

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