Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Had a Parking Ticket in Leeds? Looks like you will need to read this.

If you knew the restrictions were unlawful and Leeds City Council had deceived the Department for Transport to get the power to fine you ... and keep the money ... would you have paid?

If you appealed a ticket but had an appeal rejected ... you need to read on.

If you went to adjudication and lost an appeal ... you MUST read this.

Leeds City Council was granted Decriminalised Parking Enforcement powers on 1st March 2005.

This was only granted after Leeds reassured the Department for Transport that all its lines, sign sand Traffic Regulation Orders would be correct by the time DPE came into operation on 31st March 2005.

The Minister then made The Road Traffic (Permitted Parking Area Special Parking Area)(Metroploitan District of Leeds) Order 2005 and they were off to a 'fine 'start.

We visited Leeds some 5 weeks ago after serious concerns were raised over the validity of the restrictions ... see our report here
The BBC LOOK NORTH piece can be seen here Campaign targets parking bays

Well, one ticket was cancelled the other day but the one in the unlawfully marked bay they are intendng to pursue.

However, a damning dossier was received over the weekend ... following a Freedom of Information request to the Government Office of Yorkshire. Such was the content of the dossier that today I handed a copy over to the BBC in Leeds (who were mentioned in the report) and a formal complaint of fraud and misfeasance in public office was made against Leeds City Council to the West Yorkshire Police. They too were handed the dossier which contained some very serious allegations about Leeds ... from the Government Office and the Department for Transport.

Indeed, at one point Phil Jones (Director Economic Affairs GOYH) to Phil Heyes (e-mail 20.07.05) states:

“The recourse for the public is to complain to the Ombudsman about malpractice, or to the Police for what would in effect be attempted fraud or extortion.

We believe that there is a possibility or even probability that someone will make a formal complaint to the Police, the Police will have to investigate, and could well be forced into taking a LA to court.”

That was in 2005.

In 2007 ... in an e-mail communication between Phil Heyes (GOYH) and John Munns (DfT) 17.07.07 in response to a question from xxxxxxx xxxxxxx in DfT TMD asking whether the Leeds Traffic signing and road marking problems had been resolved PH states:

“ In simple terms – No – if anything it’s worse

He goes on in great deal to explain how Leeds City Council continue to enforce unlawful restrictions, in the full knowledge that they are non-compliant.

Meanwhile, anyone who has received a ticket in Leeds between 1st March 2005 and present simply e-mail us at admin@parkingappeals.co.uk title it 'LEEDS REFUNDS' and leave your contact details. You don't even need to recall precisely when you had your ticket. We will keep you fully informed of developments.

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