Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What do Scottish Councils do when they make a mistake with their parking enforcement regime?

They have to write off the money.

Get the law wrong and pay the price ... a message to councils everywhere.

The law means ... lines, signs(Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002), Traffic Orders (Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 and the Local Authority Traffic Order Procedures 1996) and associated paperwork issued under the 1991 Road Traffic Act or the 2004 Traffic Management Act.

Employing council officers on salaries of £100k+ means you have NO EXCUSE for not understanding the law and abiding by it.

The Scotsman
23 April 2008

A LOCAL authority that is making £27 million cuts to services has had to write off more than £2.5 million in unpaid parking fines, it was revealed yesterday.

A confidential report said some 34,260 tickets issued in Aberdeen over four years had had to be scrapped because of a legal mistake.The fines cover the period since the city council took control of parking from the police in 2003, and they have been written off on the orders of the local authority's city chamberlain, Susan Cooper.

Councillors are being asked to write off £82,200 for 1,034 tickets from only seven people over the same four years.

The move comes after a court ruled all parking tickets should include the date of the offence and date the ticket was issued.

A High Court judge in England made the ruling after two successful appeals against Barnet Council.Aberdeen City Council tickets used to include only the date of the parking offence, but this was changed in October 2006.

Under Aberdeen City Council's rules, individual debts of up to £10,000 can be written off without prior approval of councillors.

The report states: "Parking office staff, on the basis of advice from the office of the city solicitor and local sheriff officers, now consider the outstanding penalty charge notices issued prior to 4 October, 2006 are unrecoverable."

Labour councillor Willie Young said: "This is atrocious news. This is public money that was owed to the council. More should have been done at the time to chase it up."

The city council's plans for cuts in services have led to widespread protests.


Anonymous said...

I'm sick of bloated Councils using parking as a revenue source. This country is already ridiculously taxed as it is. This tax raising scheme that is de-criminalised parking really hacks me off. They kill off local shops, by the relentless ticketing, which simply forces us into our cars to drive to big supermarkets. Crazy eh??
This isn't the end of it as far as Aberdeen is concerned. I would put money on it!!!
All the best, Greatscot

Medusa said...

"This is atrocious news. This is public money that was owed to the council."

LEFT out one word? Clever sematic kids......

This is public STOLEN money.

Forget about High Courts, and Justice Jackson. Revenue comes first. EVEN if unlawful...

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