Saturday, April 19, 2008

Who is ticketing in Camden? NCP or NCP Services?

Friday saw the team trying to get a Penalty Charge Notice in Camden on a single yellow line ... knowing that there are no lawful restrictions.

Within minutes a CEO appeared (location not given to protect his identity).

He was very friendly, and actually would make a great ambassador for the profession such was his understanding of the law and common sense.

When he was asked who he worked for he replied NCP Services.

"Nice jacket. When do you get your new one?" I said.

Then he realised. This is another Camden clanger. NCP Ltd. demerged in March 2007 and NCP Services Ltd. (a new legal entity) 'took over.'

Don't take our word for it. We have Tim Cowen, NCP Services Head of Communications to thank for that one. On October 24th 2007 he wrote (in response to a blog post)

You seem to be confused between NCP Services and NCP. They are two separate companies (used to be one and the same but were separated in March and are now separately owned).The hospital car parks in question are, I believe, run by NCP, so I would be obliged if you could remove the NCP Services logo (removed and replaced with NCPs).I work for NCP Services, which does not run any local services in Humberside.You spelt "indefensible" wrong as well (corrected ... been going through a bad spell of late).
Cheers.Tim Cowen
Director of Communications
NCP Services

BUT ... it isn't just the contracts with the councils that needed changing ... so did the uniforms.

Issuing Penalty Charge Notices in the name of a company that doesn't exist is indensible ... but is that why there is panic? Wonder how much that blunder is going to cost ... and I don't just mean the uniforms.

Have you been issued with a Penalty Charge Notice by NCP Ltd. between 13th March 2007 and present?
If so, you can join the site and we will keep you updated with developments.

We are aware of a 'degree of panic' let's say in some councils legal departments.

Meanwhile, to all you NCP Services Civil Enforcement Officers out there ... check your jackets before you go out, you never know who is watching ;-)

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