Monday, April 14, 2008

Speed Cameras Do Lie ...

Police admit speed camera scandal
Reported by Steve Farrell
in the Motorcycle News
20 March 2008

Police have admitted dropping 120 speeding cases over allegations a camera operator “fixed” the speeds.
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A force insider had earlier told MCN an operator was accused of deliberately setting speed readings to make it appear motorists were travelling faster than they actually were.
Kent Police this afternoon issued a statement which included: “We've suspended a member of police staff on a procedural matter pending an internal investigation. This is standard practice while an inquiry is conducted.

"Kent Police is investigating the way in which speed camera equipment was used on a particular occasion. We cannot go into detail until enquiries have been completed. Speed enforcement by the Kent and Medway Safety Camera Partnership continues as normal…
“It is a procedural issue that relates to the use of the equipment. For guidance - the equipment cannot be 'fixed' to read a higher speed. This is an operative issue.“We have discontinued 120 cases as a precaution while we investigate.”

In November MCN exposed a leaked internal Kent Police email telling officers use of all laser speed guns had been suspended. A sergeant admitted people may have been wrongly convicted due to devices being used incorrectly.

The force has since refused to co-operate with all enquiries on the matter

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