Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Department for Transport plays Pontius Pilate ...

The DfT claim that it 'does not have the administrative resources' to censure local authorities so it is up to 'campaign groups' and others to hold councils to account.

So, we have civil servants fully aware that councils are breaking the law yet choosing to do nothing. They hold information and by failing to disclose this are exposing individuals to the risk of a loss.

I do believe that there is legislation to cover that ... and perhaps members of the legal profession will now start to take a close interest. The complainant to the DfT who received the response had brought to the attention of the officers of the DfT illegality and misconduct by a local authority.

However, the gentleman concerned is not just an ordinary motorist. He is a Traffic Order Consultant and a former senior officer of the Metropolitan Police, responsible for introducing Decriminalised Parking Enforcement into London in the 90's.

I am sure that the press will wish to know more ...

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