Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Today at the High Court ...

After a hectic day at the High Court just TalkSPORT left to do.

Just want to say thanks to everyone for their support from the legal team to everyone who has offered practical, moral and financial support and to the press and media for ensuring that the message got out there. You have all been fantastic. We stood toe to toe with the might of the establishment ... and their worried faces said it all.

Regardless of the way the decision goes we are witnessing the death throes of decriminalised parking as an out of control stealth tax on Britain's motorists.

To all the council officers and Government officials who believe in open, transparent and accountable government we thank you for your integrity, especially those who continue to provide evidence of the failings of others who fall way short of what is required from paid public servants.

A decision will be handed down in a week's time. Regardless of the outcome, the fight goes on.

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