Monday, May 31, 2010

CPZ consulation in Oxford ...

25 streets and the majority of residents opposed yet look at the attitude of the council officers below.

Controlled parking zone one step away from approval
Oxford Mail
Monday 22nd March 2010

COUNCIL officers have recommended a proposed £297,000 controlled parking zone (CPZ) in the Magdalen Road area of East Oxford should go ahead, despite opposition from residents.
Oxfordshire County Council’s cabinet member for transport, Rodney Rose, will decide whether to approve the residents’ parking scheme on Thursday. If passed, the restrictions will come into force in spring next year.

From November to January, the council sent questionnaires to all 1,726 homes in the Magdalen Road area, and 511 packs to every property in Iffley Fields, which will not now be included in the scheme.

The council received 565 responses.

In the proposed CPZ area of 25 roads, 61 per cent of respondents objected to the proposals and in Howard Street, on the edge of the proposed zone, 91 per cent objected.
In Iffley Fields, 54 per cent of respondents wanted their area excluded from the CPZ.
Consultation over the proposals has been going on for more than two years and campaigns have been organised on both sides of the debate.

Supporters of the scheme hope it will end parking problems and stop commuters leaving their vehicles in the road.

Head of transport Steve Howell wrote in the report: “Although the scheme is obviously controversial, officers consider that the benefits, in terms of the scheme’s overall objectives, would outweigh the ‘disbenefits’ raised by respondents.”

Cllr Rose said: “We don’t put in CPZs for the fun of it. If people want them we do a proper consultation and hopefully the majority will get what they asked for.”

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