Friday, May 28, 2010

Are zones effective or unwieldy?

The extract below comes from:
APRIL 2008 TO MARCH 2009

The Department for Transport Traffic Signs Review

The Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002 (S.I. 2002 No.3113)
apply to both Wales and England. In consideration the next version of TSRGD
English Ministers decided it was opportune to undertake a review of road signs,
with particular attention to whether it is necessary for there to be so much
prescription, the impact of road signs on the environment, and to reconsider
precisely how much signing is required to make contraventions of traffic orders

A Steering Group was set up which includes a representative from
WAG as well as The Chief Adjudicator of the Traffic Penalty Tribunal, who has
also been asked to Chair the Enforcement Working Group.

It is crucial that there is full involvement from representatives from Wales,
because of the potential consequences of adopting different signing in England,
and the consideration of the impact of new ideas on sign that must be written in
two languages.

It is inevitable that considerable attention is being given to parking signs and
lines, with particular thought being given to the effectiveness of zones and
whether that principle should embrace more parking imperatives, such as
footway parking, or whether the entire concept of zones is too unwieldy and not
readily understood by motorists.

Following on from the initial meetings and setting up of the three working groups
research will be commissioned by the DfT to examine independently some of the
proposals under consideration.

There will be formal consultation, but the DfT welcomes all input from those who
have an interest or experience of signing. The British Parking Association (BPA)
Welsh Special Interest Group is also looking at the proposals that have been put
forward so far to ensure that considerations for Wales are kept at the forefront of
the Review.

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