Wednesday, July 28, 2004

B&Q Order More Shovels

Bad News Will Not Be Buried. Electoral Commission Report on Postal Ballots' Timing a 'Coincidence'
The report by the EC on the Local Government and Postal Ballot fiasco has been brought forward for release from Monday September13th to Friday 27th August.

Cynics would say a Friday before the August Bank Holiday Weekend is a very good time to bury bad news. At a meeting with the Electoral Commission in Newcastle last night a spokesman from the EC declined to comment. Last time he did say something (about the date of the referendum being 4th November which Prescott had slipped out) he had local journalists chasing him round a Sunderland Hotel all night after it accidentally slipped out in conversation ;-)

Suffice to say that by the time that Parliament returns from Summer recess the story will be lost in the post or buried in sun tan memories and holiday photos.

For more details on the Postal Ballot chaos that Nick Raynsford said the North East never experienced see articles below

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