Thursday, July 22, 2004

The Shambles Continues

Announced today in the Commons...a statement that would make Pinnochio blush... Nick Raynsforrd states that the Regional Ass Referendums in the North West and Yorkshire and Humberside are to be 'postponed.' This was due to the fact that the 'all Postal Ballots' were 'suspect' in these regions.

The North East however, 'was used to Postal Ballots and there had been no complaints or problems in the Local Government and European Elections'... try telling that to the 28,000+ people who were disfranchised and the four Local Authorities who had 'printing problems' (involving the very late arrival of 600,000 Ballot Papers).

A denial was issued by the ODPM on May 1st that there would be any cancellation or postponement of the referendums. A spokesman said that it was simply, 'wishful thinking by Mr. Herron.' Perhaps John Prescott will now not be taking up his new position in the Cabinet Reshuffle as Minister for Clairvoyants due to unforseen circumstances.

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