Monday, August 31, 2009

Another step closer to the Royal Pardon...

Actor Edward Fox, right, with Neil Herron, friend of Metric Martyr Steve Thoburn, and the cookbook in which Fox dedicates a recipe to his hero Steve.

Actor Edward Fox signs to help heroes
Sunderland Echo
27 August 2009
By James Johnston

Veteran actor Edward Fox has signed up for a Wearside charity drive in aid of injured soldiers.
The star of films including The Day of the Jackal, A Bridge Too Far and Gandhi, recently penned a moving tribute to Metric Martyr Steve Thoburn in the Food for Heroes cookbook, which will benefit the charity Help for Heroes. Now the British actor has signed eight copies of the book, which will be auctioned off by the Echo to raise further funds for the organisation. Neil Herron, a close friend of the late Mr Thoburn, had the books signed on a visit to London earlier this month.

He said: "I personally hope that people from Sunderland will help support the Help for Heroes charity which is a noble and worthy cause."We must never forget the sacrifices that our troops make on our behalf and we must as a nation give the very best of care and respect for those who have been injured. The charity deserves our support."

Mr Thoburn, who died suddenly in 2004, aged 39, hit the headlines in 2001 after being prosecuted for selling fruit and vegetables by the pound. His appeals against conviction were taken to the House of Lords and European Court of Human Rights.In 2007, the European Commission published proposals that would permit the use of price and quantity marking using imperial measurements alongside, but not instead of, metric units. A hundred people were asked to nominate their hero and the dish they would cook for them, and the book is the result.Fox's recipe is Panga (a type of fish) Tandoori.

Mr Thoburn became famous after his scales were seized from his market stall by trading standards officers who caught him selling bananas by the pound. It triggered a legal battle in which he was joined by four other traders from across the country to fight European regulations requiring food traders to sell produce in metric measurements. Their legal battle was funded through the Metric Martyr Defence Fund, raised from donations by the public. Supporters continue to push for a posthumous Royal Pardon for Mr Thoburn and the four other martyrs. Another signed copy of the Food for Heroes cookbook has been presented to Mr Thoburn's widow, Leigh, and his family.

Mr Herron added: "Leigh says that she is really proud to have Steve named as Edward Fox's hero in the book and it is a fantastic legacy for her and the children to have a copy personally signed by Edward Fox."

Anyone who wishes to make a bid for a signed copy of the book can email

Food for Heroes is available at all good stockists, price £14.99.

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