Tuesday, August 04, 2009

CCTV Fine refunds the next step

Spy car parking fines ‘are not legal’
The Sun
Published: Today

THOUSANDS of parking tickets issued by "spy cars" could be deemed invalid after a landmark ruling.
A tribunal quashed fines against Rachel Johnson because she had no warning about the periscope-mounted cameras on the Smart vehicles.

It is a legal requirement for notices saying "camera enforcement in operation" to be displayed for fines to be valid.
Rachel's victory paves the way for other drivers to have car camera-related fines scrapped.
Rachel, 34, of New Brighton, Merseyside, got three £60 fines in a week after she was caught by Wirral Borough Council.

She had parked up outside her off- licence to deliver goods. She said: "It was outrageous. The car was parked for no more than ten minutes.
"There are no clear signs notifying motorists of the cameras. They lie in wait like prowlers. It's so sneaky."

The Traffic Penalty Tribunal wrote to Rachel to say local authorities should use the spy camera system "sparingly".
Wirral councillor Sue Taylor, who backed Miss Johnson, said the "landmark" ruling could open the floodgates to thousands of other drivers.

Parking justice campaigner Neil Herron called for all councils to refund spy car camera penalties.
He said: "It's a victory for British motorists against the Big Brother tactics."
Wirral Council said it was reviewing its use of spy cars.

More information at www.parkingappeals.co.uk

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