Friday, August 07, 2009

Camden still trying to fleece motorists ...

Despite Camden's reassurances that they had withdrawn the unlawful credit card surcharge my vehicle F1 NED received a Notice to Owner ... with the Credit Card Surcharge marked in bold text.
They claim that "on this occasion the wrong stationery was used."
I am sure that I don't have presonal Camden parking stationery despite them cancelling EVERY one of my tickets and I would have assumed that in light of all the press and media coverage that SOMEONE SOMEWHERE would have informed parking staff to check the paperwork before it goes out.

The question now has to be asked 'Is this an isolated incident with one Notice to Owner floating around the system or is it really a systemic failing to acknowledge anything unlawful whatsoever?'

If it is the latter then there needs to be someone's head on the block.

If it was the former then I must put this week's lottery on.

Meanwhile, can Captain Smith come to the bridge ... something about icebergs!

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