Monday, August 10, 2009

Baywatch at Rochdale's Car Parks ... more refunds

That got everyone's attention but unfortunately its a different Baywatch!

Problem for Rochdale is that some of their car parks don't have any bays yet the Traffic Order says that a ticket can be issued for 'parking out of a bay!' Another blunder ... more refunds for more motorists. Anyone can raise their concerns with the District Auditor to ensure that monies are repaid and the council not 'unjustly enriched.'

Councils are not too happy at being caught out now that the motorist is starting to use the law against them.

Baywatch at car parks
Rochdale Observer
Damon Wilkinson
August 08, 2009

PARKING tickets given to drivers at a number of car parks in Rochdale could be invalid due to a legal loophole, it has been claimed.
The traffic order which governs off road parking in Rochdale states cars must be parked within clearly marked bays.
But the car parks at Hollingworth Road, Littleborough, Slack Street in the town centre and part of the car park at Hollingworth Lake visitors’ centre do not have any bays.
And now fears have been raised that this could mean any parking fines handed out at these locations could be subject to a legal challenge.
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