Monday, August 03, 2009

Big Bother for Big Brother ...

Will they ever learn?
Come on guys ... it isn't difficult to get it right. Just do the decent thing and put the signs up and use CCTV as a deterrent. If you are going to use Smartcars have an open access council website and tell motorists where the Smartcars are going to be so then there will be no excuse for motorists. Get them outside schools catching motorists parking on the school keep clear signs where safety is important. Combine that with a road safety programme for the children alerting them to the dangers of their parents parking on zig-zags. The voice of a six year old telling a parent off far outweighs any 'sneaky' enforcement which only creates resentment and anger.
However, the landscape will change somewhat when we step into the realms of moving traffic enforcement which has now been taken out of the hands of the Police. Do the legal draftsmen and the Department for Transport really know what they are doing? More to be revealed soon. Meanwhile, this is in tomorrow's Telegraph.

Motorists must have warning of parking spy cameras
Thousands of motorists could have their parking tickets quashed after an appeal tribunal cancelled a fine issued by Wirral Borough Council, ruling that councils using spy cameras must put up warning signs.
By David Millward,
Transport Editor
03 Aug 2009

The decision by the Traffic Penalty Tribunal will have implications for 32 councils who have been given permission to use cameras by the Department for Transport.
Rachel Johnson, 34, challenged three parking tickets which were issued on the basis of evidence gathered by Smart Cars fitted with enforcement cameras by the council, which is based in Merseyside.

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Her claim that the tickets - known as penalty charge notices - were invalid was upheld by the adjudicator, who agreed that notices should be posted warning drivers that cameras were in operation.
Miss Johnson described the cameras as "sneaky" and said the behaviour of the council was outrageous.
''These spy camera cars are an alarming invasion of privacy and smack of a way to raise money,'' she added.

According to the tribunal, such cameras should be used "sparingly" and only in areas where civil enforcement officers - as traffic wardens are now known.
Widely used in London, camera parking enforcement is spreading to the provinces and it is already in use in Medway, Nottingham, Bournemouth, South Tyneside, and Basildon.

In what it describes as "operational guidance", the Department for Transport has advised councils to warn motorists when they are being used.
"Motorists may regard enforcement by cameras as over-zealous and authorities should use them sparingly. The Secretary of State recommends that authorities put up signs to tell drivers that they are using cameras to detect contraventions," the guidance adds.

The ruling is a victory for campaigners such as Neil Herron, of , who have said the guidance should be legally binding.
He welcomed the ruling, saying: "It is another victory for the motorist and a reminder to all local authorities that the legislation is there for a purpose and they can't break the law to enforce the law."

Anyone with a CCTV PCN e-mail for more information.

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