Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Victory for Belfast Traffic Wardens

Fair pay and fair conditions for all Traffic Wardens. We wholeheartedly support that BUT this can only be achieved by ensuring ALL parking enforcement is taken back 'in-hose' by local authorities where fair pay and conditions, and pension rights will be in accordance with other local authority employees.

Victorious Belfast Traffic Warden speaks
Submitted by Choccy on Aug 5 2009
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From issue 2 of The Leveller, this is an expanded version of the story of the four-month battle against bosses by Belfast traffic wardens. This article contains extracts from an interview with an NCP worker involved in the dispute elaborated on the deal they had won, and how they fought their bosses.
Traffic wardens this week expressed joy at finally winning their demands in their struggle against their employer NCP. The workers were engaged in almost daily protest since April after 28 were sacked for taking part in wildcat industrial action over working conditions and sick-pay. On Friday, after a four-month battle, they were informed that they would all have the option of reinstatement or a substantial redundancy package.

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