Thursday, February 04, 2010

Department for Transport officials going through a bad spell


As the Diplomatic bay farce continues another embarrassing blunder is exposed. Camden's Special Authorisation from the Department for Transport on behalf of the Secretary of State only allows for the legend 'Diplomatic Cars' or 'Diplomatic Vechicles'

It is understood that Camden are blaming the officials at the DfT claiming that they are responsible for the blunder but those at Camden failed to check. It is understood that they are to be sent here before retraining.

These officials really must pay more attention.

When the excuses roll just remember that the motorist is never afforded the luxury of correcting any oversights that they have. It is simply 'pay up.'

Off to check this week's Auto Trader to see if I can buy a Vechicle and then I know where I'll have free parking in Camden ;-)

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