Sunday, February 14, 2010

Seems that some councils just cannot help themselves ...

Despite the fact that the Operational Guidance to Local Authorities states:

10.17 Paying by online debit and credit cards is convenient for many motorists and is more secure for local authorities. The electronic card readers automatically seeks authorisation for values previously agreed between the card holder and the card company, and automatically bars any ‘blacklisted’ cards. Auditors favour the use of online debit and credit cards to avoid creating bad debts and minimising collection costs. There are operational savings to debit/credit cards so authorities cannot justify applying surcharges for their use.

Some councils just cannot help themselves.
Here we have a PCN from Staffordshire Borough Council which has a '1.6% levy' on all credit card payments.

The Chief Executive has been put on notice that this renders the PCN void and unenforceable.

Anyone with a PCN from Staffordshire Borough Council simply needs to tick the box 'The PCN exceeded the prescribed amount.'

The Motorists Legal Challenge will take up the case should the council refuse to cancel the PCN.

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Andy said...

That's my ticket I asked about elsewhere, excellent new though - THANKS.

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