Friday, February 26, 2010

Support the Fighting Fund

Tom Conti launches motorists’ legal challenge fund to end injustice
26 February 2010
By Mike Brooke

A FIGHTING fund has been set up for motorists to take on "draconian" traffic enforcement and to expose "unlawful practices" by private clampers.The Motorists' Legal Challenge Fund was launched in the House of Lords by the actor Tom Conti and Lord Lucas this week to support high profile court cases.

It is spearheaded by the London Motorists' Action Group and the Drivers' Alliance, supported by public donations.

"It is the fivers and tenners from ordinary members of the public that will send out a strong message to those in authority," said campaign spokesman Neil Herron."The motoring public must no longer put up with the abuses. It is time to expose unlawful practices by private clampers and councils alike and fight the injustice of draconian enforcement."

The fund is already backing High Court challenges including a case claiming "lack of independence" of a tribunal system that's funded by and managed by the very authorities issuing traffic tickets, and a case over the legality of controlled parking zones where councils ignore regulations laid down by Parliament.

Neil added: "It is a daunting task for anyone to take on the State with its unlimited resources and face losing everything standing up to injustice."But a stand has to be made if we want the State to be the servant of the people and not the master."

The campaigners are starting a Motorists' Challenge newsletter to build up a network and give drivers a voice to "bite back" at draconian regulations and unlawful practices.

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