Thursday, February 04, 2010

Police investigating council parking department

Investigations by District Auditors in a number of local authority areas are gathering momentum and the Barry Moss case papers are now lodged with the High Court.

The Motorists Legal Challenge Fund is a publicly supported fund to expose illegality and justice by ensuring matters are resolved through the courts and relies on donations to ensure equality of arms for motorists.

News is set to break shortly however, that a council is being investigated by the Police over a very serious criminal allegation. Lawyers have been instructed and the victim of the injustice has formally made a criminal complaint.

John Terry's indiscretion has meant that disclosure to the world at large will wait, but the press and media are fully briefed and ready to run once the council decide exactly what their stance is going to be and whether they are going to close ranks or take action. It is understood that the penny is starting to drop as to the seriousness of the allegations and possible consequences.

Once the story breaks, if action is not taken then vicarious liability will roll up the chain of command.

There are other serious issues in the same council involving a pending Freedom of Information request which the council are considering how best to deal with as the financial implications are very serious indeed.

We are launching the Motorists Manifesto for Parking in the House of Lords on 23rd February and intend to highlight how councils have been misbehaving with a number of contemporary examples.

More will be revealed soon.

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