Sunday, February 14, 2010

Motorists Legal Challenge dubbed the 'unofficial parking watchdog.'

Motorists Legal Challenge exposes councils breaching the Data Protection Laws

It appears as though three councils failed to renew their registration for the Data Protection Public Register with the Information Commissioner's Office.

We await details of Brentwood and Ribble Valley but Hyndburn Council have admitted that they failed to renew three years ago.

If your data has been processed illegally, ie. by a council that has failed to register, then this needs to be raised as a complaint with the ICO here

Meanwhile, here are the headlines, with the Motorists Legal Challenge Fund now being billed as 'the unofficial parking watchdog.'

East Lancashire councils in data protection mix-up
Blackburn Citizen - Sam Chadderton - ‎Feb 12, 2010‎
Neil Herron, spokesman for 'unofficial parking watchdog' the Motorists Legal Challenge Fund, said: “It's refreshing to see a full and frank admission. ...

East Lancashire councils in data protection mix-up 11:00am Friday 12 February 2010
Lancashire Evening Telegraph
TWO East Lancashire Councils have been accused of unlawfully processing personal details after a data protection mix-up.

BRENTWOOD: Oops they've done it again
PARKING fines, benefit claims and planning applications are all being processed unlawfully by Brentwood Borough Council in yet another act of incompetence that could cost the authority thousands of pounds.
The Gazette can reveal that our
10/02/2010 11:55

More will be revealed shortly with regard to an even bigger blunder that has 75% of the councils in the country scrambling for legal advice.

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