Wednesday, March 19, 2008

£120 parking fines for motorists while vandals, shoplifters and drunks just need to say they'll be good.

When will you reach tipping point?

Parking fines increased to £120 but vandals, shoplifters and drunks just need to say that they'll be good and their fines are waived. If ever evidence was needed that the motorist was simply the most convenient victim of this highly lucrative stealth tax then this is it.

Enforcement is easy. Detection is simple electronic request to the DVLA. Then punishment should you wish to resist ... could be you'll lose your car.

... and don't forget that the 'independent' adjudicators, NPAS (and PATAS) are financially dependent on the parking enforcement 'industry' too. In the case of NPAS they receive 60p from EVERY ticket issued (outside of London). Do you class that as independent?

Motorists face £120 parking fines
By Stephen Adams
Daily Telegraph
Motorists are facing a significant increase in the cost of parking fines under new laws giving councils the power to issue tickets of up to £120.
Higher fines will be issued to motorists who park on a double yellow line on important routes.
The laws, which come into force at the end of the month, enable local authorities, for the first time, to set different levels of fines for different parking offences.
In London, motorists face fines of up to £120 while outside the capital the maximum penalty will be £70. More

Now read this

Vandals can avoid a spot fine by saying they'll be good
Evening Standard
30th May 2007
Shoplifters, drunks and vandals will escape paying on-the-spot fines if they promise to behave for a few months, it emerged last night.
Thousands of yobs will be let off with "deferred" fixed-penalty notices each year.
Where once they would have been hauled into court, criminals will have their £80 fines suspended if they sign an Acceptable Behaviour Contract. More ...

If this does not make you realise that you have to stand up to be counted to prevent the escalation of this absurd dichotomy then there is no hope. is committed to ending the injustice and abuse motorists are facing in the name of what purports to be 'parking enforcement' which is now perceived by the majority as nothing more than a form of licensed highway robbery which makes Dick Turpin look like a pillar of virtue.

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