Thursday, March 06, 2008

British Parking Awards ... and the Alternative (Dick Turpin) Parking Awards

At 11.30am tomorrow, 7th March 2008, the British Parking 'INDUSTRY' is holding an annual awards dinner. We can now see what has become the most lucrative of all local authorities' operations, decriminalised parking, engaging in back-slapping and feasting at the trough.

Local authority employed civil servants sharing the spoils with private enforcement contractors and bailiffs at a banquet with flowing champagne and dancing girls ... and you, the motorist and council tax payer, are paying for this lavish extravagance.

Are you comfortable with your council engaging in such activities?

Are you comfortable that parking enforcement is fair, transparent and just ... or are you of the opinion that it is a licensed money making 'industry' for all concerned?

Keep these images in mind next time you are issued with a
Penalty Charge Notice and cannot understand why the council haven't exercised common sense or discretion, or why your paperwork isn't correct or your representations mysteriously 'go missing.'

Click here to see exactly who is up for an award and why.

...and we will shortly be publishing the Parking Appeals Alternative (Dick Turpin) Parking Awards ...

Will your council be a recipient?

On 31st March 2008 the new Traffic Management Act comes into force with new powers for Parking Attendants (Civil Enforcement Officers) who can serve Penalty Charge Notices by post and CCTV enforcement can be rolled out across the country.

If you thought things were bad, next month they are set to get a lot, lot worse.

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