Friday, March 28, 2008

Win the Prize for the 1st parking ticket issued under new Parking Laws

The new Parking Laws (under the Traffic Management Act 2004) come into force at 00.01 on 31st March 2008.

Parking is not only offering FREE LIFETIME'S MEMBERSHIP to the website and a bottle of champagne for the person who gets the first ticket in the country, we will also appeal that winner's ticket on behalf of the motorist, and, should the appeal be lost, we will also pay the ticket.

As well as the national prize we will also be running a competition in each local authority area, broken down by Council area, London Borough or Transport for London. Again, simply scan the ticket, register your details and send it to us at

The first prize in each area for the first ticket issued in each area will be offered a year's free membership to the site.

Nominations are open for a month, so send us a scan of your ticket and we will get you on the leader board.

Meanwhile, you can still join by clicking the link below ...

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