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The Alternative (Dick Turpin) Parking Awards 2008

The Alternative (Dick Turpin) Parking Awards 2008

This annual event is being held at 11am outside the Dorchester Hotel in London on Friday 8th March.

It is being sponsored by the organisation that exposes unlawful activity by local authorities and the parking enforcement contractors and assist motorists with their parking appeals. annual "Alternative (Dick Turpin) Parking Awards 2008" which, coincidentally happen on the same day as the British Parking Awards organised by the Parking Review has attracted many nominations from the length and breadth of the land.

Competition was fierce ...

This year's winners are:

The Most Inventive Council

This award goes to the council that has come up with the best way to increase their revenue. This year's winner is Islington Council who stooped to a new low to rake in parking fines.
When Philip Langsdale parked his car outside his home he knew from experience ther were no restrictions.
But when the 51-year-old returned to his motor in Highbury, north London, he was astonished to find yellow lines had been painted underneath - and a parking ticket had been slapped on the windscreen.
More ...

The Least Honest Parking Attendant of the Year Award

This goes to former terrorist Mustapha Boutarfa who forgot to tell his employer NCP Services (and they never checked) that he had been to prison for his involvement in the Paris Metro bombings. He was only rumbled after three years! As he may not be available to collect his award it will be presented to Richmond Council on his behalf as they profited to the tune of £150,000 from his activities ... and then refused to refund any of the money giving the best excuse ever:

No refunds because ... being a terrorist ... "does not constitute grounds for cancellation of penalty charge notices issued by him ... the parking regulations do not allow this."
Parveen Bindra, Legal Services Department, Richmond Council" More ...

Enforcement Contractor of the Year Award
This award goes to NCP Services who cancelled Christmas bonuses for its staff in Brighton 'for fear of causing offence to non-Christian employees.

Spokesman Tim Cowen said:
"We employ people from more than 100 countries and feel it is perhaps no longer appropriate just to recognise Christmas celebrations."
He also said it could be seen as unacceptable for a transport firm to hold alcohol-fuelled parties. More ...

Speaking of alcohol fuelled parties, 'Moulin Mule' cocktails and dancing girls, the British Parking Awards are being held at the Dorchester Hotel at 11.30am tomorrow shortly after our awards where NCP Services are shortlisted for a number of awards ... including the Training Award...
"Our future in their hands: the Btec Team Leader Programme."
Click here to see how NCP trained their Parking Attendants in one northern city, and how Mr. Cowen, spokesman at the time for NCP before he became spokesman for NCP Services explained their actions.

To view the British Parking Awards list click here

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