Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Parking Attendant offers to tear up a parking ticket for sex

... but Parking Appeals will only charge you £9.99 ... no extras!

This little story was reported in today's Sun.

Now we have had a few tickets from Westminster and never had such an offer. The usual mantra chanted by councils is that once a parking ticket is written out it cannot be cancelled by the Parking Attendant. Clearly this is not the case.

'I'll tear up your ticket for sex'
Chris Semple
The Sun
18th March 2008

A TRAFFIC warden told a shocked woman he’d rip up her parking ticket — if she performed a sex act on him.
He offered the vile “deal” after slapping the fine on Gemma Patten’s windscreen.
Distraught Gemma, 22, got in her VW Polo and locked all the doors.
She said: “I was disgusted. He’s clearly a sicko and shouldn’t be working in such a position of authority.”
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