Saturday, June 10, 2006

'Independent' NPAS information 'shared' with Sunderland Council

It is now becoming apparent that the reason why Sunderland City Council has dropped all its appeals pending to NPAS is that they were 'made aware' that there was a problem with the wording of their Notices of Rejection.
They refer to the Lukha v Aylesbury Vale case of 9th May (will be posted shortly).
Trouble is, that when I spoke to NPAS Appeals Co-Ordinator Kerry Colbourne on Friday, she confirmed that this had not been released as an NPAS Circular.

How then, did Sunderland Council know that I had the information and would be using it as a defence in all the appeals?

We had become aware as Wayne Pendle's victory (Westover v High Wycombe) had had a reference to Lukha v Aylesbury and given the incorrectly worded PCN as the reason (even though Wayne had never even appealed on that point) as to why his appeal had been upheld.
I requested a copy of the Lukha decision.
Could it be that Sunderland City Council were 'tipped-off' by NPAS?

Seems like desperate times require desperate measures...but the trouble is, that nearly every other local authority has also made the same mistake.

If you have, or know of anyone who has an appeal pending then e-mail us at

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Anonymous said...


This is wonderful. Your blog is showing how Councils all over the Country are completely unable to implement decriminalised parking.

No rational person could deny that, nor is it plausible to deny that they are using this as a way to raise money for themselves.

I applaud the way you are showing up their greed and incompetence - and keep up the good work - but isn't it time for Parliament (and that's the REAL one I'm referring to) to step in a repeal the law which gave them these powers?

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