Thursday, June 15, 2006

Now the Department for Transport knows...

A call today to the DfT put them on notice that most local authorities were supplying false evidence to Northampton County Court.
Andrew Wright seemed a little shocked when he was given the information. Marilyn Waldron of TM1 in the DfT has been copied in with many others to the information about the 'Parking Court' in Northampton and the information provided to the District Judge.

She has been asked to pass the information up to the Minister and Dr. John Patterson, Clerk to the House of Commons Transport Committee has been asked to forward everything to the Committee Members.

Trouble for the Department for Transport is that they provided the specimen Notices that Chief Parking Adjudicator Caroline Sheppard has now deemed unlawful.

With so many factors in the equation and too many worms released from the can it will be difficult to cover this one up.

With so many people aggrieved after suffering at the hands of bailiffs it will be only a matter of time before thousands of actions are launched against the local authorities for compensation.

I stated on the Mike Dickin Show on TalkSPORT that this lawless Decriminalised Parking Enforcement scam would be abandoned within 12 months. As the more vultures begin to circle more whistleblowers are passing information to the campaign.

Contact us on if you have any information on parking malpractice in any local authority or parking enforcement firm.

To read the notice sent to the Department for Transport click here

0191 565 7143

07776 202045

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The Pedant-General in Ordinary said...


You clearly haven't been listening to the Today programme this morning.

Commons Transport Committee issuing a scathing report, but absolutely no mention of the illegality of the system, only the fact that councils were using parking as revenue generation.

Nothing on bill Of Rights Defence. In fact, a total side-step of the actual issues.



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