Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Brighton's Glowzone Ltd on ITV tomorrow

ITV are covering the Brighton case tomorrow as the Department for Transport's feeble draft recommendations to 'correct' all the problems with DPE is published.

It is expected that the stakes will be raised as the Court in Northampton is hit with a notice that the documents supplied by Brighton and Hove Council may not be waht they seem.

The worm is turning all over the country and once the local authorities start to see a tenfold increase in the number of appeals they may start worrying that the 'cash cow' that is DPE may well be seen to be suffering from bovine spongiform encephalophy.


Anonymous said...

What time is this on & is it on nationally/locally ??

Anonymous said...

What time is on & is on national/local tv ??

Anonymous said...

Looks like I missed it.

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