Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Gauntlet to be thrown down to Geoff Hoon


FCO Minister for Europe, Geoff Hoon has spoken about the positve impact of the EU on the North East region.
On Monday 17 July Mr Hoon said: 'One of the great strengths of the North East is that the region has a clear sense of how it fits into Europe. Oh yeah!
This gives it a huge advantage in making the most of the financial and other opportunities available.'Click here to view the article

Geoffrey states:
"So my aim is to re-establish the link between the big issues and the EU in the eyes of members of the public. But also to make sure that when people think about Europe, they don't automatically put the EU in the ranks of the 'bad guys'."

and then goes on to say
"So, what I want to see is an adult debate on the substance on what the EU is about so that people can decide for themselves."

So, the request will be sent off this week to Geoff Hoon from The People's No Campaign and copied into the local press and media. It will be along the lines of:

Dear Mr. Hoon,
I am encouraged to see that you wish to have an adult debate on what the EU is about.
Please let me know when you are available, preferably September / October / November and we will allow you a platform and the debate and guarantee a house packed to the rafters.
Yours sincerely,
Neil Herron
Campaign Director
The People's No Campaign.

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