Friday, July 14, 2006

NCP and British Parking Association frightened of debate!

Come on guys...what are you afraid of?

A couple of days ago it was suggested that, in the interests of balance, that an invite should be given to the two gentlemen below in order to represent their side of the parking enforcement argument.
They have been quite vocal on the parking issue recently.

Tim Cowen
Director of Communications

“NCP prides itself on its proactive approach to media relations and is aware that it is increasingly important for our clients as well as for our own reputation."

Keith Banbury
Chief Executive
British Parking Association
"As an Association we need to be more outgoing, punching above our weight. We need to raise the profile of our industry and get the message across to policy makers and the general public that parking is important and forms an essential part of any local or national integrated transport plan."

However, this morning I received an e-mail ...

Hi Neil,

Unfortunately both guys turned me down flat the second I mentioned your name!! It seems you may have done something to upset them!!!
Speak to you Sunday, should be a great show.
George Alexander

Mike Dickin Show

The challenge still remains to any Senior Member of the Parking Industry, including Government Ministers ... I will go head to head with you to expose the Decriminalised Parking Industry scam ... anytime, any place, anywhere. Television, radio or even on one of your platforms in front of your hand-picked audience. What are you trying to hide?

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