Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Coming Soon to Parking Appeals ... "It's a Bad Sign"

As Parking Appeals grows we will be introducing a series of competitions on a monthly basis to highlight the shocking state of some local authorities signs and lines.

Here are a couple of early contenders ...

The first one is in Haringey and sent in by Belinda ... and purports to be a Disabled Bay.

Now you must ask the question ... "What is Haringey doing with all its surplus revenue from parking enforcement?"

Could you spot this at night?

Dangerous potholes go unrepaired, lines barely visible and it beggars belief that this bay is being enforced.

Second one of the day comes from Simon and this is of a bay outside the Royal Festival Hall. This time the London Borough of Lambeth.
Now Lambeth has some of the most heavily ticketed locations in the country and lots of missing or non-compliant signs.
Again, just how much of their parking enforcement surplus goes into ensuring that the signs are clear, unambiguous and LAWFUL.
What also must be remembered is that Parking Attendants should be noting down faded or missing restrictions in order that the Highways Department can then ensure that any necessary works are undertaken.
Or do you think that this gets left behind in the relentless pursuit of parking fine revenue?
If you have a contender then e-mail us the pictures to enquiries@parkingaappeals.co.uk and title it 'It's a Bad Sign' and include the location.
Prizes for the best.

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