Monday, February 25, 2008

Is Your Speed Ticket Legal?

It seems like a Nottingham Councillor is stating that it is alright to break the law to catch someone breaking the law. This is the same attitude we have witnessed in relation to local authorities using illegal signs to enforce parking restriction.
'Good enough, nearly, and no-one should be misled' is simply not acceptable for signing. The law is strict and pedantic for obvious reason ... so there can be clarity and no ambiguity. Local authorities have no excuse for getting it wrong.

Richard Bentley states:
" If Councillor Barber cares to read my website then he will find that I stand for honesty, integrity and the full application of English law, not the systematic abuse by authorities who seem to think that they are above government and statute. No-one, especially local authorities, can consider themselves above the law."

Click here for an example of exactly how potentially dangerous wrong signing can be when a council places a Loading Bay inside a pedestrian crossing's zig zags inciting motorists to commit an endorseable offence and obscure motorists and pedestrian's vision. Who would be responsible for a child getting knocked down here?

Who is breaking the law then?

25 February 2008

Thousands of motorists in Notts have been wrongly convicted of speeding.

That's the view of an expert who says many of our road signs are not lawful. Richard Bentley said Nottingham was a "disaster zone" for signing.

Mr Bentley, a traffic signs consultant and expert court witness, said police and highways chiefs were aware of the problems but still prosecuted.

A damning dossier of evidence seen by the Evening Post includes:

  • An unenforceable 40mph limit on the A6514 ring road.

  • A type of 30mph speed sign that was supposed to be decommissioned in 1972.

  • Signs telling drivers they can travel at 60mph in a 30mph zone.

  • A sign telling cyclists to break the law by riding up a one-way street.

A High Court appeal has been lodged that could see thousands of people overturning convictions for breaking a 30mph limit on the A610.

Mr Bentley said: "By not having the right signs people are losing their jobs, their homes and their marriages, when an Act of Parliament prohibits them from having a conviction if the signing is wrong."

The city highways authority and police say any signs which are proven illegal will be changed, but will continue to enforce them until then

Check out Richard Bentley's Site here

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