Friday, February 15, 2008

Parking Fines set to escalate with 'licence to cheat.'

The Daily Mail reports the fact that with the new parking rules which come into force on 31st March 2008 the number of "unfair" parking fines issued to drivers will soar.

Parking Attendants will be allowed to ticket on sight and motorists will no longer be able avoid a penalty by driving off before a parking attendant has a chance to ticket their vehicle.

If the Parking Attendant claims he had already started writing the ticket, drivers will be sent the penalty charge notice in the post.
The new rule is included in the Traffic Management Act 2004, superseding the Road Traffic Act 1991, which stated attendants needed supporting evidence, including photographs and a note of the tax disc number, to prove they witnessed a contravention.

Read the full article here

You have been warned. This will lead to wholesale abuse. However, we will soon be launching a product which will allow you to prove your innocence.

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