Friday, February 22, 2008

First enforceable 20mph limit in a London Borough ... now just watch

The lunacy continues.

More cameras, more fines. 20mph average speed zones ... and are the cars calibrated to take into account a margin for error or is the accuracy at 20mph not good enough on speedos?

It looks like whole new range of fines are set to be rolled out and even if you thought you were doing less than 20 you speedo may just be a little bit out and BANG ...another fine.

We will be marketing a device at Parking Appeals soon which will be essential for every car driver.

Meanwhile, read this load of Bullock's.

First London borough set for blanket 20mph limit
David Williams, Motoring Editor
Evening Standard

Lewisham is to become the first London council to launch a 20mph speed limit on virtually all roads.
The limit would replace the current 30mph maximum, under plans inspired by the Green Party.
The council's sustainable development select committee has voted in favour of the scheme, which will make Lewisham a guinea pig for the rest of the capital.
Borough mayor Sir Steve Bullock has endorsed the plan, which is the brainchild of Green councillor Sue Luxton.

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