Monday, February 25, 2008

Littering Fixed Penalty Notice ... Guilty. No butts

Now just consider this for a moment ... and we are all in agreement that littering is anti-social and must not be tolerated.

Read the Fixed Penalty Notice ... then consider this ... as the Registered Keeper of a vehicle ( and you may or may not have been the driver) you are now faced with the threat of prosecution and a £2500 fine ... because you nominated yourself to be the Registered Keeper of a vehicle.

The only evidence against you is not that you have been identified by a Police Officer, but because a lowly paid council official allegedly observed something being thrown from a vehicle that was registered in your name.

The onus is now upon you to prove your innocence rather than the council to prove your guilt.

Did the DVLA warn you that this was likely to happen when you agreed to be the Registered Keeper and filled in the V5C form?

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