Thursday, February 07, 2008

Police and Hackney Council staff in the news again ...

... and this time a man is dead.
Read the BBC report here about how a pensioner died after being forcibly evicted from a Hackney property.
Perhaps a moment of reflection for heavy handed officials across the land ... just remember that the person you are dealing with has worries, concerns, feelings and family. Just pause and think for one minute ... 'What if this was my Dad?' or in the case of Janet Devers whose scales were unceremoniously seized, 'What if this was my Gran, trying to earn an honest living on an open air market at the age of 63?'

The other story involves another misuse of the DVLA data base which led to the death of another pensioner, this time after a parking dispute.
A pensioner's fatal heart attack was "highly likely" to have been caused by a brick being thrown through his window, a court has heard. BBC report here
The three defendants (left) have admitted conspiracy to cause damage to property.
Now consider the post about access to the DVLA data base by anyone who wishes to set up a 'Parking' company. What could they do with that information?

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