Friday, February 08, 2008

The Power of the Jury

As the Metric Martyrs eagerly anticipate the committal hearing for Hackney Market Trader Janet Devers to set a date for her trial by jury we are reminded of the power of the jury in the case below.

A pensioner, driven to protest after his calls for a public inquiry into a 26 year planning dispute were ignored, had admitted criminal damage but was found 'not guilty' by a jury.

It all started when an industrial park sprang up around the bungalow he was building by hand just outside Llandovery.

He claimed that his life has been made a misery and it all goes back to an illegal decision to allow that lorry park next to my home.

But the jury found him not guilty of causing criminal damage, and also cleared him of threatening to carry out a further attack.

They had heard him represent himself at the trial and argue that he was justified in protecting his home.

What is highlighted here, again, is that some people, ridden roughshod over by council officials are driven to extreme measures in order to rectify that injustice.

The jury heard the arguments and delivered its verdict.

Carmarthenshire Council said the verdict was "beyond belief" and "not a good day for the justice system."

Unfortunately, this IS the justice system and the jury dispensed JUSTICE.

When Janet Devers comes before a jury in her Crown Court trial accused of selling goods by the pound, alleged offences committed days after the Vice President of the European Commission claimed it was perfectly lawful to do so in statements which made the front pages of the biggest selling national newspapers, let us hope that JUSTICE, and common sense prevails.

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