Friday, February 08, 2008

Will there be a queue round the block for this job?

From Whitehall Pages and the Guardian

Job: Manager - Parking Services, SUNDERLAND CITY COUNCIL

Posted: 27 Jan 2008
Reference: 6165
Location: City of Sunderland
Industry: Environment - General,
Government - Local government
Contract: Permanent
Hours: Full Time
Salary: £40,101 to £45,385 Per Annum

More details here

"We are committed to the training and development of all our staff and can offer excellent opportunities for you to improve your skills and qualifications in a supportive and challenging environment."

How challenging could this environment be? Well, there has been some history ...

Watch the documentary here


Anoneumouse said...

Well, I am sure you will be providing some form of challenging education to improve this new incumbents skills and qualifications once he takes up his new post :-)

Anonymous said...

they did not appoint

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