Saturday, February 23, 2008

Free Membership of Parking Appeals website for Jack Duckworth

Jack Duckworth given Parking Ticket

Bill Tarmey who plays Jack Duckworth in Coronation Street has had a parking ticket appeal refused by Tameside MBC.

He was given the PCN whilst appearing at a charity event (World Diabetes Day) at the Town Hall for parking in a space reserved for those 'performing civic duties.'

A council spokesman said:
"Although we very much appreciate the local charitable work that Mr. Tarmey gets involved in, on this occasion he was at the Town Hall at the invitation of Thameside Hospital and so we cannot waive his ticket on the grounds that he was performing civic duties it would be unfair to treat his case differently to any other where someone has parked in these spaces inappropriately."

Bill has refused to rule out requests from charities in the future but "if they are connected with local government or the town hall then I will think twice."

So there you have it. No discretion at all. Leaves a sour taste in the mouth. All that good work but rules are rules.

Well, Parking Appeals have offered Jack Duckworth (aka Bill Tarmey) an honorary lifetime membership of the Parking Appeals website and will handle all his ticket appeals in the future so he can be free to carry on with his charity work without being plagued by the modern day Dick Turpins and the back-office jobsworths.

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